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Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley II

I had a great time shooting boxing again, covering the Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley II for Sports Illustrated, as it had been over a year since my last fight. I still consider boxing a great sport and it can be one of the most exciting sporting events to be at when the match up is right. This had the makings of a great fight, as Bradley won the first match on a controversial decision. Pacquaio is a great fighter to cover and I’ve been photographing his fights since 2001. But over the years, and especially last Saturday, I’ve noticed (and has been widley reported by others) that he has lost some of his fire and “killer instinct.” A lot has too do with age, but also his demeanor is different, even his walk up music which usually should be something to fire you up, was to a Katy Perry song!

Pacquaio barely beat Bradley but still looked good in the ring. The fight had some moments that were exciting enough to remind you of the good ole days of boxing. Bradley is a good fighter who is well conditioned and can take a punch. I thought the decision was closer than what the judges thought, even could have gone to bradley, but what do I know? There probably would have been a riot if Bradley had won…

With Mayweather fighting next month, and the looming mega-fight between the too dangled in front of us ad nauseam, and according to the cab driver who took me to the MGM on Saturday, could be the first billion dollar fight! One can only hope. The age clock is ticking for both fighters…!/index/G0000jb5XMsySgtQ



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