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London Olympics Day 15

To be honest, I didn’t even know what modern pentathlon was, until I received the assignment to go cover it. Part of the sport is where the athletes have to ride an unfamiliar horse that they meet for 20 minutes and then have to ride in a jumping competition. It really is luck of the draw if the horse will cooperate. I missed a huge picture of a horse rearing up and throwing it’s rider, as I was shooting at a slow shutter speed at the time. The competition was getting quite repetitive, so I was trying to do something different by shooting pan blurs of the horses, when the moment happened. It was one of the biggest regrets of the Olympics for me, as it would have been a great shot. After that, they have to run laps and shoot laser pistols at a target. Yes, laser pistols!

    I wasn’t completely satisfied with my day at modern pentathlon, so I decided to try and race over to the Olympic Stadium to try and catch the last relay race between the US and Jamaica, where Bolt would be making his final appearance at the track. I got really lucky with my bus connections and made it into the stadium with 15 minutes to spare! And in another 30 min they set a world record!

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