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London Olympics Day 13

Today was the craziest day at the Olympics for me so far, and one of the more rewarding as well. The men’s 200m final was on, as well as the end of the decathlon. Four years ago in Beijing, Usain Bolt reacted really well after this race and there was a great picture to be had. The debate with covering a race like this (especially if you are covering it by yourself) is to decide on if you want to shoot head on down the track, or around the bend just after the finish line. The reason to go around the bend is that usually after the finish he’ll see his time and then react, in which case if you are head on, you wont see this. The head on spot at the track is very nice and clean with a great background, so in the end it was hard to give up this spot. I decided to stay here as well because that is where our line was for transmitting our images back to the Times. All day long I was posing the question to other track photogs who where way more experienced than I. This only made it more difficult as I got a variety of different opinions. In the end I’m happy I stayed in the spot that I did.

The other big event was Ashton Eaton and the decathlon. I had shot him at the Trials in Eugene last month and I knew it was going to be a great story. It was almost a forgone conclusion that he was going to win the race, so I suggested to the Times that we should cover all ten of his disciplines over the two days. The problem with this is that often times multiple events are happening at the track at the same time. For example, the 800m final was happening at the exact moment as Eaton’s attempt at the javelin. I texted my editor in New York, Brad Smith, who was editing for me today, and he told me to stick with the javelin. It was really tough to get a clean shot of him without TV or a judge in the way, so I needed all three of his attempts. Of course there was a world record in the 800! But we need the javelin images in order for the story to work, so for us it was equally as important. The Times dedicated a whole picture page to the event which looks amazing.

Here are a few other random nice moments from the day.

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