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London Olympics Day 10

At first I was skeptical about my assignment to shoot duet synchronized swimming, because in four Olympics I had yet to ever cover the “sport.” After arriving and seeing the window in the pool that we could shoot from, my hopes got a little higher. It provided a unique view to the sport that actually takes place underwater. It was a surreal experience looking into the pool and watching the women do there thing. It was like an underwater ballet. This is one sport where I hope that men never do!

Back at the track in the evening, I had an opportunity to shoot on the infield for the steeplechase and the high jump, both of which you were able to get right up next to the action. For the steeplechase, you had no choice but to get soaked by the runners as they landed in the water pit, at which point the crowd in the background started roaring with laughter as we all got soaked. It was a quite a thrill and totally worth it.

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