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London Olympics Day 9

Today was the big day at track and field with the 100m final. This traditional is the marquee track event that gets the most attention and this year was no exception. Usain Bolt was the defending champion and was favored to win, although there was some speculation that he was not at full strength health wise, and might have some competition. Once the race started, it was obvious that Bolt was in top form. My position was just around the bend from the finish line to capture the reaction of the winner. This was the first event where we had out entire photo staff there to make sure we had complete coverage. Everyone came back with some amazing images that really told the story of the race. It was a great team effort.

Earlier in the day, was the debut of women’s boxing at the Olympics with Queen Underwood of the USA fighting against the local hero Natasha Jonas. I had covered the Olympic trials and training so it was good to be there for the first bout. Unfortunately, Queen lost but it was still a historic achievement.

Right next to the boxing I popped over to cover the sister of Jet’s lineman Nick Mangold, Holley. An interesting experience…

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