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London Olympics Day 6

My first assignment for the day was to cover the Rafalca horse in the equestrian dressage, who is owned by Ann and Mitt Romney. I personally was hoping that the horse would stumble to illustrate the mistakes that Mitt has made in his campaign for president. This was the first time that I had actually shot dressage at the Olympics or anywhere else for that matter. Too the untrained eye, it all looked the same to me. Luckily the weather was great and the venue was very scenic. I had the pleasure of shooting next the legendary photographer David Burnett, who is working for the IOC. He insisted upon me using his red filter to make the above image which he said would “blow my mind.” I ended up really liking the frame. David is an amazing photographer who has photographed a wide range of events, from the Ayatollah in Iran to Bob Marley in Jamaica. He shoots a lot of film, which is rare these days, including a 4X5 Speedgraphic! He is the most unassuming guy with no ego, which also is as rare as shooting film these days!

My second assignment was to photograph the massive thighs of the German cycling team. I think the photographs speak for themselves.

The royal family was there too, which people were going crazy over, but didn’t do so much for me…

My day ended with the USA v Nigera basketball game, which was a bit lopsided. The US team looks like the Harlem Globetrotters out there.

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