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London Olympics Day 3

The one sport at the Olympics where the main athlete is not even a human being is equestrian. I had no idea the popularity of this sport here in Great Britain until arrived at the venue for the team eventing, where the horse and rider go off on a cross country course and navigate a series of obstacles and jumps. I’m not sure if the horse gets a medal…but they should.

I raced in a taxi from the equestrian event which was about 30 minutes out of town to the Excel arena where weightlifting was taking place. The story that the New York Times was working on is about the “cruelest two seconds” at the Olympics, where the athletes have to hold the weight over their head for that duration. It was an interesting contrast between the pageantry of the horses to the brute strength of the weightlifters.

To finish off the day, I headed back to the beach volleyball to work on a feature about the raucous nature of the venue and how it’s a unique event because of the Horse Guards Parade dance team, fans yelling and drinking beer and the athletes in bikinis. Unfortunately, it was too cold for the athletes to wear bikinis, but it still had the party atmosphere.

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