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Let the Games Begin!

My assignment during the night of the Opening Ceremonies for the New York Times, was to head down to the Tower Bridge, which is one of the more iconic symbols in London, where there were fireworks set to go off sometime during the night. Information was very scarce, as the London Olympic Committee wanted to keep most events around town a “secret” as to “not spoil the surprise.” As the night progressed, various reports came in that the torch was going to go up the Thames to the stadium via speed boat under the bridge, where the fireworks would then go off. After that, there was to be the “grand finale” in conjunction with the cauldron being lit in the stadium at around 12:30am. The first part ended up happening in about 10 seconds at around 9:45. After standing in one spot for 8 hours to shoot 10 seconds worth of material was a bit disappointing, but in the end, it worked out…Time for about 3 hours sleep before a 6am call time tomorrow for the cycling road race! Let the games begin!

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