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Best of Beijing Olympics 2008

With the London Games only weeks away, I thought I post some favorites from the 2008 Games in Beijing.

It will be interesting to see how cultural different these two Games will be. I had a chance to get out of the “Olympic bubble” which consisted of the staying in a fenced in compound at the Media Village, to getting on secure buses, to the fortified MPC (main press center) and then onto secure sporting venues. When we did have time to wander the streets a bit and eat in some restaurants (no I didn’t eat in the restaurant that specialized only in animal penises!!), go shopping and check out some art districts, it was a great experience. Totally foreign to me which is what I wanted to see. London will be more familiar….

I spent a semester abroad in London while I was in college which was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. I really got to know the city quite well when I was there, as we were living in a private flat in Holland Park/Shepperd’s Bush area and then commuted to Kennsington Park area everyday for school. This was a LONG time ago though, back in ’92 and although I’ve been back briefly a couple of time since then, I’m looking forward to seeing the changes after spending the three weeks there vs my time in the 90’s. At this Games, there is no Media Village and everyone is in private hotels. I know the atmosphere wont have the “frat house” vibe that previous Village’s took on, but I know there will be plenty of socializing in the end. We’ll also be traveling by Tube and rail for work, which should be interesting…stay tuned!



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