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Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley II

I had a great time shooting boxing again, covering the Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley II for Sports Illustrated, as it had been over a year since my last fight. I still consider boxing a great sport and it can be one of the most exciting sporting events to be at when the match up is right. This had the makings of a great fight, as Bradley won the first match on a controversial decision. Pacquaio is a great fighter to cover and I’ve been photographing his fights since 2001. But over the years, and especially last Saturday, I’ve noticed (and has been widley reported by others) that he has lost some of his fire and “killer instinct.” A lot has too do with age, but also his demeanor is different, even his walk up music which usually should be something to fire you up, was to a Katy Perry song!

Pacquaio barely beat Bradley but still looked good in the ring. The fight had some moments that were exciting enough to remind you of the good ole days of boxing. Bradley is a good fighter who is well conditioned and can take a punch. I thought the decision was closer than what the judges thought, even could have gone to bradley, but what do I know? There probably would have been a riot if Bradley had won…

With Mayweather fighting next month, and the looming mega-fight between the too dangled in front of us ad nauseam, and according to the cab driver who took me to the MGM on Saturday, could be the first billion dollar fight! One can only hope. The age clock is ticking for both fighters…!/index/G0000jb5XMsySgtQ



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Sochi Olympic Games

This is no April Fools! I finally had a chance to go through and do an edit of my favorites from Sochi. Have a look! The link is a better site but you can watch the slide show here too:!/index/G0000JySwEtVe2CE

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The Stick

Candlestick Park in San Francisco was home to the San Francisco 49ers for over 40 years, where this past Monday night, the last game was played there.

Personally for me, this is where I learned to shoot football. When I was 16 years old, I was lucky enough to hook up with UPI, where I started covering the Niners in their glory. Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Ronnie Lott were my subjects back then, so it didn’t really get any better than that!

The DOP at Sports Illustrated Brad Smith came to me at the beginning of the season with an idea of capturing a behind the scenes look at the last year of the ballpark. Furthermore, shooting with an infrared camera would give it an extra look of nostalgia. I’ll definitely miss shooting at the old ballpark. We’ll see what the new stadium has to offer next year. Thanks for looking. stick0 stick1 stick2 stick3 stick4 stick5 stick6 stick7 stick8 stick9 stick10 stick11 stick12 stick13 stick14 stick15 stick16 stick17 stick18 stick19 stick20 stick21 stick22 stick23

The Many Faces of a Coach

I very well could be the worst blogger ever…I’m afraid to even look to see when my last post was! Call this a pre-resolution for 2014…

I had a lot of fun working with the NFL editor George Washington at Sports Illustrated on a Jim Harbaugh a cover story recently. It was a departure from normal game coverage for me, as my assignment was to just shoot the different reactions and faces of the head coach of the the San Francisco 49ers NFL team. I was basically ignoring the game action and just shooting the coach. They picked a good day for me to follow him as he really gave the full gamut of emotions! I didn’t get the cover, but still got some fun shots of the coach. Thanks for looking and look out for more blogs from Jed Jacobsohn Photography!

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Mike Trout • Phenom

Mike Trout

Mike Trout was recently rated the top player in baseball by Sports Illustrated to start 2013. Pretty impressive for the second year player on the Angels. I spent a morning in mid February in-between assignments to shoot Trout working out in Tempe during Spring Training. I have yet to work one on one with him, but did shoot him a bunch of in game images last year, and he seems by his mannerisms to be a good guy with his head on straight. I’m sure he’ll be on the Yankees soon enough.

I love the atmosphere that exists during Sprint Training. Most of the players are laid back and relaxed and the access is generally pretty good. I’ve been covering these games or workouts in some capacity or another for over 15 years (straight??) both in Arizona and in Florida. It’s a great mix of being able to generate some really fun, behind the scenes style of images and a fun preview to the season. I love baseball!

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Mike Trout

Mike Trout

Mike Trout

Mike Trout

Mike Trout

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Pistorius Tragedy








Sad news today out of South Africa with the shocking revelation that Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee runner who made history by competing in the Olympic Games this past summer in London, has been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend.

Photographing him at the track and field in London this past summer was a highlight of the Games for me. His story was so inspirational and touched so many people at the time and really transcended the sport of track and field that summer. Really very sad for the family of the woman who was killed. Hope to hear some better news about this story in the coming days.

Here is a link to images of Pistorius from the Olympics last year:

and a link to the current NYT story:

Best of Super Bowl XXVII

Superbowl XLVII

I had the great pleasure of photographing Super Bowl XXVII for the New York Times. I was fortunate enough to work alongside staffer Doug Mills, who in my opinion, has the best job in photography. Not only does he photograph all the top sporting events in the world, but also covers Obama, and has been known to frequent Air Force One, among other major political venues. And he does it all with no ego and a smile on his face. You will not meet a finer person in the business than Doug Mills. Brad Smith is the senior sports editor at the Times and one of the most well respected figures in editing. His resume from the White House to Sports Illustrated is incomparable. He was the captain of the ship down in New Orleans and coordinated all the shooting for us that week. I couldn’t have asked for a better crew to work with.

As for the game itself, it was a mixed bag of emotions for me. There are very few sporting teams that I cover that I actually care if they win or not, and the 49ers happen to be one of them. The desire for me to do well at my job and not miss any pictures certainly outweighed the fan inside me, but it was still a little difficult at times, to separate the two. And then for the 49ers to come back the way they did and for the potential game winning touchdown to be in the corner I was in, was crushing. I guess it wasn’t meant to be…

Here is a link to my favorite shots from the day: